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Limitations on content’s reproduction

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In cases where the intellectual property rights of the documents available on ABM’s website may belong to third parties – particularly in the case of donors or other entities who have donated or transferred documents to this institution –, their reproduction may require prior approval by those entities.

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The reproduction of information produced within the context of the description, cataloguing or disclosure of documents implies the proper and correct identification of such information and its precise location on ABM’s website, according to citation and referencing protocols.

Management and suspension of information

ABM reserves itself the right to change the information available on its website – including the suspension of information for unspecified periods of time, particularly for the benefit of the quality and effectiveness of the public service provided within the performance of its duties. ABM may also suspend, temporarily, the access to information and services provided due to unforeseen and necessary maintenance and development actions of its internal computer network and data platforms.

Gathering and protection of personal data

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