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What Services does the Reader’s Card gives you access to?2016-10-17T09:57:22+00:00

The Reader’s Card allows access to public areas of the Arquivo Regional e Biblioteca Pública da Madeira (ABM), and to all services it provides (Reading, loan and Reserved Area, computer and Internet access, consulting audio-visual materials, among other services). However, if you wish to access the Archive’s Reading Room (2nd Floor) it’s mandatory to have the Service’s corresponding validation.

Non-residents (Visitor/Temporary). Do I need to request for a Reader’s Card?2016-10-17T09:57:23+00:00

No, you do not. It’s only necessary to request a Temporary Reading Permission. The authorization is valid for 3 days and not renewable.

Does the Reader’s Card have costs?2016-06-08T13:28:46+00:00
I wish to attend/use the Library’s General Reading Room – Library just to study without consulting books or use computers. Still, do I need a Reader’s card?2016-10-17T09:57:24+00:00

To study in our library facilities it’s mandatory to have a Reader’s Card.

May I watch a film in the library?2016-10-17T09:57:25+00:00

Yes, you may. You must firstly choose the DVD and ask the Reading Room’s assistant/technician to undertake the necessary procedures for its screening. Do not forget to provide your identification document.

May I request the scanning or copies of documents in the Library? Which are the prices?2016-10-17T09:57:26+00:00

Yes you may. The reproductions will be carried in accordance with the conservation restrictions and diffusion of these documents, particular accordingly to Copyright Code and Related Rights. Please check ABM’s price list.

Where do I go if I wish to borrow a book?2016-10-17T09:57:26+00:00

You must go directly to the Library’s service desk. It’s imperative to present the reader’s card and the books you wish to consult/borrow.

What books may be borrowed?2016-10-17T09:57:27+00:00

All books marked with a green ball (fita verde) on the paperback have free access in the General Reading Room, or with the message “BORROW”[talvez substituir por EMPRÉSTIMO] registered in ABM’s database.

What is the penalty for exceeding the book’s delivery deadline?2016-10-17T09:57:28+00:00

The reader will be inhibited of using the Borrowers’ Services for an equal period of time.

Is it possible to extend the borrowing period?2016-10-17T09:57:28+00:00

Yes. If the reader wishes to renovate his borrowing period, he should contact the services, directly, by phone or email, indicating his card number and his intention in order to avoid penalties.

How many books may I order simultaneously?2018-05-22T11:14:13+00:00

You may order a maximum of five books by each user.

  • Borrowing periods:
    • General Reading Room: scientific and technical works (7 days);  literature and non-technical / scientific books (30 days);
    • Children’s/Juvenile Room: 5 works (30 days);
    • Tiflológico Fund (braille documents and audio books/technology for users with hearing and/or vision loss): a maximum of 2 works (15 days).
  • The loan is always per person.
What shall you do before going to the Archives’ Reading Room and Reserved Area?2016-10-17T09:57:29+00:00

a) Identify the topic of your study/search;

b) Gather general information;

c) Consult the ABM website (Access to Documents), Documentary Description Instruments (IDD’s), databases and Digital ABM.

And to consult the documents?2016-06-07T17:55:02+00:00

Fill in one application form request:

a) Each reader may request a maximum of 3 at a time (soft-cover, set of original documents, book, box, folder, microfilm);

b) Every document must correspond to one request form. However, if you’re asking for sequential documents (for example: Books 1, 2 and 3) filling in only one application from request is enough;

c) Once correctly filled it should be delivered directly at the reading room help-desk;

d) Regardless the number of applications form requests, the reader may take a maximum of three units at a time (soft-cover, set of original documents, book, box, folder, microfilm), in order to avoid the accumulation of documents on the desk;

e) If you plan to continue to consult the same documents in the following day, please inform the service’s technicians. After three consecutive days, its’ necessary to fill in a new application form request. If you only wish to consult the Reference Collection available in the reading room, there’s no need of filling in a request.

f) If the reader wishes to continue accessing the same documents on the following day, please inform the Reading Room’s technician. After 3 days of continuous access, it’s necessary to fill in a new request. It’s not necessary to fill in an application form to access and consult the Reference Collection available in the reading room;

Why isn’t it possible to consult all documents?2016-06-07T17:40:11+00:00

It’s strictly forbidden to consult documents in the following situations:a)      Documents species in poor conditions marked with a red ball in the IDD’s List – indicate species in poor condition that are out of consultation;

  1. Documentation undergoing through cleaning, still under restoration and preservation procedures or incorporation processes;
  2. Alternative availability (Microfilmed or scanned species ) marked with a blue ball in the IDD’s List;
  3. Species which require restrict consultation for legal or contractual obligation;
Methods of Payment2020-01-03T13:48:16+00:00

In person: Cash, or cheque in euros payable to the order of IGCP, E.P.E – Instituto de Gestão da Tesouraria e do Crédito Público; 

From out of the country: Prepayment in euros is mandatory according to the following options: in cash, money order and bank transfer or by cheque;

  • Cash or Money order: Send to the following address – Arquivo Regional e Biblioteca Pública da Madeira (ABM), Caminho dos Álamos n.º 35, Santo António, 9020-064 Funchal;
  • Interbank transfer: Deposit made to the account of Governo Regional da Madeira with transfer costs payable by the depositor:
    IBAN: PT 50078101120000000825056; Bank code: SWIFT /BIC – IGCPPTPL; It’s mandatory to submit to the ABM the evidence and date of transfer to: abm.srtc@madeira.gov.pt; ABM will satisfy the request after confirmation of transfer by the Treasury of the Regional Government;
  • Cheque: to the order of IGCP, E.P.E. – Instituto de Gestão da Tesouraria e do Crédito Público (preferably with no date). Please send it to the following address: Arquivo Regional e Biblioteca Pública da Madeira, Caminho dos Álamos n.º 35, Santo António, 9020-064 Funchal.

Alert: all incoming checks from outside the Portuguese territory take about one month to be processed, Treasury of the Regional Government has to ensure its payment. For this reason, we warn you that in this situation, it may take more than one month to satisfy your request. We recommend the use of transfer instead of cheque.

How may I request documents from abroad?2016-10-17T09:57:34+00:00

a)      Consult the available tools online;

b)      By letter, email, fax or directly at ABM’s website;

c)      Research has costs and is made exceptionally and accordingly to the service’s availability; only initial research on ABM’s databases and IDD’s List is free of charge;

d)      Requests for documents transcripts will be replied according to the service’s availability. These requests must be done by email or letter. If there is no availability, the request will be forwarded to the Investigators/Researchers programme.

Please, check ABM’s price list.

How to obtain the Reader’s Card or Temporary Reading Permission?2016-10-17T09:57:34+00:00

You should go directly to ABM’s reception and fill in the proper application form by submitting your personal identification document (Citizen Card / ID card). The Reader’s card may also be requested online, but its assignment depends on prior validation and upon presentation of the reader’s identification document.

How may I know if the book/document I wish to consult is part of the Library collection/database?2016-10-17T09:57:36+00:00

How may I know if the book/document I wish to consult is part of the Library collection/database?

It’s possible to access the online by searching on the catalogue/databases or directly at the PC’s of ABM’s reading rooms to check if they’re available.

Is it possible to request books/works from other libraries?2016-10-17T09:57:37+00:00

Yes, you may place your request under the interlibrary loan/borrow policy (ILL) directed to other funds from other local libraries, or from outside the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

How to conduct your research in the Archives’ Reading Room and Reserved Area?2016-10-17T09:57:37+00:00

Please use ABM’s research tools:

  1. a) Documentary Description Instruments (IDD’s) and corresponding index – in front of the reading room help-desk and at the local PC;
  2. b) Images Archive (including parish/birth and marriage records, newspapers collections, Postcards, Photographs and Iconography, among others) – consult the reading room’s PCs;
  3. c) Databases – consult the reading room’s PCs;