Reading Rooms

The professionals at our users’ services (Regional Archives and Madeira Public Library Reading Rooms) may help you in many ways:

1.      Acquaintance with the services by guiding and helping to localize information.

2.      Management and use of the information: databases, descriptive tools (guides, inventories, catalogues, indexes), reference books and other information sources.

3.      Identification and selection of relevant information.

4.      Advice and resolution of research difficulties with reading and interpretation.

5.      The use of the mechanisms and information equipment.

Correspondence and e-mail

ABM also renders a question/answer service when users have doubts, need specific researches; want to order copies or prints. This service is free of charge.

If a user needs a research involving the Archives and Reserved Reading Services or the Certification Services, please be acquainted with the following conditions:

Specific research services follow the procedures established by law and are committed to the necessary information to be provided by the user (such as: dates, notarial office, name of the parts involved, process number, etc.).
Exceptionally, the reading service may undertake documentary researches, in accordance with its human resources availability, and upon payment of the amounts established in ABM’s pricing. The service is limited to 3 hours.
Even when the research result is null or does not satisfy the applicant, the time spent is charged and ABM shall inform about all search conditions and results.
Whenever a person is unable to conduct a research by himself/herself, it’s also possible to require the services of our Independent Researcher’s Programme. These persons work on their own, but it’s important to draw your attention to the fact that they are not enrolled with the institution; the ARM declines all responsibility in any agreements between users and researchers, and may not arbitrate any disagreements or conflicts.

Requests for documents transcriptions are attended according to the service’s availability. If there is no availability, they shall be set out for the private investigators/researchers list. Please consult the Pricing:

Apply for research:

By post  Caminho dos Álamos, nº 35, Santo António, 9020-064 Funchal;


Fax:  291 708 402


Search tools available: descriptive tools and databases