General notes

  1. A request for (parishes and/or registry offices) reproduction is limited to 30 records. It’s mandatory a five day break between requests.
  2. The records not available in our database may be consulted directly at ABM’s Reading Room. If you already have the information, it is also possible to ask for reproductions or certificates via e-mail: certidoes.abm.srtc@madeira.gov.pt.

In case of any doubts or questions on how to access/consult ABM’s databases, please contact us via e-mail: site.abm.srtc@madeira.gov.pt


  1. These are new records and have not been confirmed yet. Their availability is due the need for consultation and increasing demand of our readers. Please let us know if you find any error through elsaandrade@gov-madeira.pt


  1. Parish records (1538-1911) do not include the names of the engaged couples’ parents. Nevertheless, the records from the civil registry offices do offer this information. ABM aims to have this information as complete as possible very soon.
  2. The most recent records have not yet been verified. Although they are available, given the need for consultation and increasing demand of our readers. Please let us know if you find any error through: elsaandrade@gov-madeira.pt

Judicial Files

  1. The access to these records obeys to article 17th of the Law decree No. 16/93, approved on the 23rd of January (General Regime for Archives and Collections).
  2. The databases possess civil judicial file records (including legal inventories) and crimes, as from 1544.
  3. Please note the following information regarding the judicial archives: they may be partially communicated 50 years after the death of the people involved or, entirely known 75 years after their creation.
  4. The Certification Service holds over than 76.000 digital records that may be accessed according to the terms of the present legislation.

Processes concerning the payment of taxes on inheritances and donations

  1. The access to processes prior to 1915 (with less than 75 years) is limited, according to the existing legislation, particularly under article 17th of the Law by Decree No. 16/93 dated of January the 23rd (General Regime for Archives and its Collections).