The ABM through its Preservation, Conservation and Restoration Services, has developed the following research projects and working tools that will soon be available to all curators and general public.

IMC Pathology – Identification, monitoring and pest control in graphic documents

The online plan (IMCPragas) is a free access tool created by ABM. The programme allows the user to have a better understanding of the type of existing pests, methods of action and providing the right tools for their control and eradication. It aims to be a guiding element and a pedagogical tool, targeted to public and private institutions, students and all of those who wish to be informed. Check its functionality and access all information available here.


It’s a project of collecting and cataloging ABM’s document watermarks in all the existent collections to create an online catalog of public access. The goal is to create a database, accessible via internet, in which it will be possible for any user to load new information or edit the existing one; later on and after a review by the group’s project manager the content may be available online. It’s still being considered the possibility of establishing partnerships with institutions in order to promote the project and create software solutions for automatic image identification.

Useful information about bibliófagos insects (book bugs)

A poster aiming to inform on how to identify the book bugs – bibliófagos, that most damage the documents and what they cause. This includes information on their life cycle, food, traces of presence and favorable environmental conditions to their spreading.
Document planning – Humidity Methods
A new project on document planning methods by using the necessary humidity conditions. The project aims to observe and record the reaction of the different inks used in writing, in the presence of humidity, as well as their results on paper after the methods used. It is expected a larger study on other types of ink.

Preservation Technical Documents, Conservation and Restoration

Reference tools useful in preservation, conservation and restoration working procedures.

(Under construction)