Mission, Vision and Values


The Madeira Regional Archives and Public Library, hereinafter as ABM, is a nuclear organic unit under the dependence of the Regional Directorate for Culture.The ABM is the official institution with ascriptions and competences in the management of Madeira’s archives and of the regional public library. Its major purposes are the safeguarding and valorization of the region’s archival heritage, to promote and execute the region’s official archival policy, to value the bibliographic heritage and to create and promote reading habits.(art.º 4.º da Portaria n.º 50/2016 of  February 19th – official regulation on the intern organization and nuclear structure of the Regional Directorate for Culture)

Our mission

  • To preserve and value the documental heritage of the Autonomous Region of Madeira and guarantee the continuous memory of its Supervision;
  • Integrate the Region’s documentary and bibliographic heritage and make it available and better known by all, simultaneously aiming towards the promotion of science, culture and literacy.

Our vision

To assert ourselves as a dynamo and promoter of Madeira’s knowledge, history and culture, contributing to the Region’s social and economic progress and towards the consolidation of participatory citizenship.

Our values

Commitment – An attitude of commitment and responsibility in external or internal relations. Public interest always comes first.

Accessibility – Investment in open strategies that promote access to information and knowledge to all, respecting and valuing the rules of diffusion of documentary cultural heritage.

Consumer orientation – Competent, efficient and qualified customer service, aiming to satisfy ABM users’ requirements within a continuous growing demand of the public service.

Innovation – Seeking for continuous improvement and openness to the introduction of technological solutions and simplification of processes, which may contribute to the differentiation of the services provided.

Quality – Quality commitment implies ongoing work towards the improvement of resources, processes and services provided, as well as valuing the human capital of the organization.